About me

Hey! I’m Daniel Campoverde, a systems engineer based in Cuenca, Ecuador.

I develop full stack. Really mean that: from hardware design & firmware development, to systems programming, all the way up to web & mobile development, machine & deep learning, pure functional programming and everything in between. I just love everything that can go beep beep boop: electronics, computers, software, and also like my maths and stats as well.

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Things I do and like

I’ve being doing this stuff since I can remember, and have used a ton of programming languages, tools, paradigms, and what not; Having had a taste for many things though, I’m really into functional programming, strong/static typed languages, Vim, command line interfaces, near-metal firmware, native mobile, *NIX.

Love to write Haskell for most things, including web development, but also enjoy writing C & Rust for embedded systems and Kotlin & Swift for native mobile development. Security and system administration on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD too.

Like to make simple illustrations and vector graphics for my projects as well, not exactly an artist, but a sprinkle of amateur art here and there really makes things come to life.


Have worked on many things, but some I quite like are:

The Venabili keyboard

Take a look here: venabili.sillybytes.net. It’s a custom mechanical keyboard developed from the ground up. I use it as my daily driver and couldn’t be happier.

Dors, the emotional robot


Rune is Not Email

Currently working on this one, pretty exciting.

Libraries and plugins

Particularly for Haskell: Currencies, Text mining, Kobo ebook notes extraction, Thumbnails generation, Web alerts, Yesod alerts, Graphs & Networks.

Some Vim plugins: Rust formatting, Behaviour Driven Development integration, Haskell formatting, Yesod, Vinfo, More Haskell formatting, Vim-Tmux-Ratpoison navigator, Haskell completion, Haskell GHC integration.

Microcontroller low level libraries: ARM Cortex M3 STM, AVR RFID, AVR health, STM8.


Check them out, pretty neat stuff in there: github.com/alx741/dotfiles


Here, have an atom feed


XMR: 86mFdeWs5a3QE4iPPs7okm2MNfVHEiu3RGmdam82cg7AdwtLjbYyh4SU4PaU9L2kqVRUmDF9E4QR2gVLw9D5Bnqc8N3AWbX


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