About me

Hey! I’m Daniel Campoverde, a systems engineer based in Cuenca, Ecuador.

I develop full stack. Really mean that: from hardware design & firmware development, to systems programming, all the way up to web & mobile development, machine & deep learning, pure functional programming and everything in between. I just love everything that can go beep beep boop: electronics, computers, software, and also like my maths and stats as well.

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Things I do and like

I’ve being doing this stuff since I can remember, and have used a ton of programming languages, tools, paradigms, and what not; Having had a taste for many things though, I’m really into functional programming, strong/static typed languages, Vim, command line interfaces, near-metal firmware, native mobile, *NIX.

Love to write Haskell for most things, including web development, but also enjoy writing C & Rust for embedded systems and Kotlin & Swift for native mobile development. Security and system administration on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD too.

Like to make simple illustrations and vector graphics for my projects as well, not exactly an artist, but a sprinkle of amateur art here and there really makes things come to life.


Have worked on many things, but some I quite like are:

The Venabili keyboard

Take a look at it’s own front page here: venabili.sillybytes.net. It’s a custom mechanical keyboard developed from the ground up. I use it as my daily driver and couldn’t be happier.

Dors, the emotional robot

Animatronics robot that natural language analyses real-time conversations with kids for psychological evaluations purposes.


Rune is Not Email

Currently working on this one, a privacy focused email-like system, pretty exciting.

Libraries and plugins

Particularly for Haskell: Currencies, Text mining, Kobo ebook notes extraction, Thumbnails generation, Web alerts, Yesod alerts, Graphs & Networks.

Some Vim plugins: Rust formatting, Behaviour Driven Development integration, Haskell formatting, Yesod, Vinfo, More Haskell formatting, Vim-Tmux-Ratpoison navigator, Haskell completion, Haskell GHC integration.

Microcontroller low level libraries: ARM Cortex M3 STM, AVR RFID, AVR health, STM8.


Check them out, pretty neat stuff in there: github.com/alx741/dotfiles


Here, have an atom feed


XMR: 86mFdeWs5a3QE4iPPs7okm2MNfVHEiu3RGmdam82cg7AdwtLjbYyh4SU4PaU9L2kqVRUmDF9E4QR2gVLw9D5Bnqc8N3AWbX


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